Weekly Writing Challenge: Living History

Recently I arrived at that part of my course readings where linguists discussed how published texts like the newspapers and magazines present distorted representation of information, no matter how factual they are or how slight the distortions.

While different POVs is not exactly a new concept to me as a copywriter pen-for-hire, the skewing-of-newspaper-reports bit is still a tad hard to take in. I mean I – together with almost everyone else, except perhaps skeptical linguists – have always believed that news, being reporting of events that actually really happened, must be telling the truth and nothing but that.

I literally woke and found my intellectual self robbed of its innocence by the slick and smooth press.

Sobering up and thinking straight, communication media is surely the largest pen-for-hire, albeit more heavy-weight and influential. And now that I mentioned, everything seems to be skewed in a certain politically correct or socially acceptable way. Even as I type now, I am very much aware of why I have chosen to write this post using particular words and in this particular style. Nothing is as is seemed anymore.

I am a reluctant receiver of linguistic enlightenment.



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3 responses to “Weekly Writing Challenge: Living History

  1. Political correctness and social acceptability… Hmmm… There’s value in both, obviously, but there’s also going too far. It seems to me that quite often, what we get now is often euphemistic double-talk, gilded lilies and pale approximations of harsh truths that need telling if the world has any hope of clawing itself out of its mess.

    What also worries me is that journalists seem to have no respect for language per se. Bad grammar, poor construction and the misuse of words are apparently mere peccadilloes to be disregarded in the interests THE STORY. Not in my book!


    • Yes sometimes I am not sure the things I read in the news are really as they are supposed to be anymore, and to make it worse now there’s the hint that it is all tinted by the writer’s perspective. But then that’s the job of a writer – to emphasize a certain point of view according to the needs of the paper, which is probably in response to those of society. Guess a balance is needed such that the gist of the truth is not lost. Good morning and thank you very much for responding to this! 😉


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