Daily Prompt: A Guide To Flattery

What is Flattery?

It is like the cherry on your icing, or the ribbon on your medal, with the difference that these two at least, serve the function of adding some prettiness to the things they decorate.

Though it is obvious that flattery serves no higher purpose, yet many a dunderheads who swear vehemently not to fall for such palaver seem to swoon uncontrollably at the slightest sound of honeyed talk on their ears. It is perhaps a natural thing for us – from young girls to old gentlemen – to be affected to a larger or lesser degree, whether we like it or not.

Should you receive such insincere utterances, your best response should always be the flashing of your most charming smile and perhaps a witty apology to excuse yourself from such company. For your time will likely be best spent with other persons who matter more and of course, treat you with more intelligence and respect than that.

In writing this little excerpt, I was allowed to spend a good few minutes savouring the little morsels of insightful tips from the wonderful hand of Genevieve Antoine Dariaux, still a most delightful read and probably one of the most sensible guide to elegance any girl could lay her hands on.

(Resuming my usual persona in the next post. ;))


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