Daily PRompt: FeaRful SymmetRy

This really got my attention, so here goes:


Russ woke abruptly in the middle of the night in cold sweat. Rancid and weather-beaten, the bed groaned as he sat up, wearily holding his throbbing head in one hand. Round about two he had gone to bed in a half-drunken stupor, after a crazy night out with those fellas he called friends.

Remembering suddenly, he stood up, almost falling over the overturned chair beside the bed. Right, he thought, let’s do this. Rain poured heavily outside the window while neon greens and yellows flashed unfeelingly across the panes. Rather unsteadily, he stumbled towards the light switch and placed his finger on it. Raw and piercing, the stark white light showed him where his phone was. Relieved, he picked it up and dialled.

“Rhode Island Hospital, how may I help you?”

“Rachel, is that you? Rach, please don’t hang up, God I’m sorry…”

“Russ, I’m busy now.”

“Right, right.. but I’m… look, I can explain…”

“Russ, I’m tired of hearing that… you know I’m tired. Really tired.”

Reverently, he said, “Real sorry, Rachel, I am. Real sorry.”

Resigned and weary, he hung up softly and put down the phone. Reticently, he got dressed and made his way out of the motel. Racing off on his vehicle into the drizzling night, Russ was determined to right all his wrongs.

Regrettably, a young reckless driver robbed him of the chance. Rachel would never see him again.

Repentance, left bleeding on the silent highway.



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