On Snow That Falls

Dead Poets Society struck a melancholic chord with this scene: Todd on his way to pay his last respects to Neil, who had killed himself. Overwhelmed with emotions stirred by the then falling snow, he’d remarked to his fellow schoolmates “…It is so beautiful!..”. The following poem builds on this line, and is what I imagine he would’ve felt then.


It is so beautiful
Pure white this snow.
How did I not feel this
Amazed, till
Far from us you’ve gone.

You, my friend, will
Have no more of these
— Worldly trivias!
You depart for your cause.

As you left, you left me
No reason,
For none to keep you
Was given you afore.

We shall meet again;
Again our paths will cross.
Till then, I’ll breathe
This, your gift of pure beauty
— How did I not feel this before!
Of fiery white passion
Of fleeting snow that falls.

Dedicated to Thiru – till we meet again.


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Filed under faith, friends, poetry

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